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Now beneath the glory

Writer's Block: No bloody way

Writer's Block: No bloody way

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Vitas - and ME.
Could you ever be good friends with someone who hunted purely for sport?

Yes. He was my grandpa, and I miss him dearly.

Srsly what is with this question. Unless they hunt HUMANS or like....KITTENS (or something else illegal) purely for sport, or kill them in some violent graphic manner that is also illegal, I have no problem with hunters.

I respect hunters that use a bow/crossbow over a rifle, i respect hunters that do their best to make a clean kill, and I respect hunters that use the meat from the animals they hunt as food.

I don't LIKE hunting, and would never GO hunting, but really now. It would never stop me from being friends with someone.
  • I wouldn't mind people who hunt for sport as long as [all that stuff you said] and if they didn't use the pelt or the meat or anything, they got it to someone who would. It's not hunting I'm opposed to (especially subsistence hunting, but that's not the question here), it's waste.
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