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Now beneath the glory

best ever

best ever

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Vitas - and ME.
inphotosfr (10:00:16 PM): hey, what's the name of the antichrist?
amdawg2 (10:00:23 PM): Barack Obama?
amdawg2 (10:00:39 PM): lmfao idk lucifer? why are you asking me fucking biblical questions
inphotosfr (10:00:44 PM): you get three guesses and your hint is that i asked you because you're more into this shit that me and i forgot his name.
amdawg2 (10:01:33 PM): i didn't think there was an actual name
inphotosfr (10:02:44 PM): he's got a show
inphotosfr (10:02:49 PM): and a chalkboard
inphotosfr (10:02:51 PM): and fake cries
inphotosfr (10:03:13 PM): umm... umm... i'm running out of clues
inphotosfr (10:03:17 PM): i don't watch him
inphotosfr (10:03:24 PM): i just know grandma loves him
amdawg2 (10:04:02 PM): GLENN BECK
inphotosfr (10:04:23 PM): yes!
inphotosfr (10:04:25 PM): thank you
inphotosfr (10:04:42 PM): which was also, interestingly, your third answer
amdawg2 (10:04:56 PM): hhahaha i win!
  • Your friends and conversations awe AWESOME!

    I have in-laws who love both Beck and Hannity. Let's ship them together and hopefully they'll get married and the fangirlboythings will all pass out from happiness...And hopefully go into a coma....
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