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Now beneath the glory



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Vitas: singing/orgasm
If you are a fan of Vitas, or even like him a small tiny bit, or put up eyerollingly with my spam posts, and if you live in the United States (or can borrow a friend's address?) I would LOVE it if you would do me a small small favor.

Please go here:
and nominate Vitas to be featured on the Ellen show.

If you are a fan of a different international artist? Nominate them too! But it would be SO AMAZING to see Vitas on network TV here in the USA. I would cry. I would bake you all cookies. seriously.

Plus, I think Ellen would love him.


  • I'm doing it but I'm kind of stuck on the "story" part. idk i don't really know him, what should I put?? also what song?

    Edited at 2010-02-07 05:17 pm (UTC)
    • Opera 2 or perhaps Bird of Happiness. I put Opera 2, it's his most famous

      You don't really have to put a story if you don't want, but here's what I put:

      His voice is truly a masterpiece, soaring effortlessly over a span of more than 5 octaves. He moves audiences worldwide to tears with his performances. He is Vitas, a Russian countertenor with an otherworldly voice, who sings like nobody else I have ever heard.

      I first discovered Vitas nearly 2 years ago, but he's been famous in Russia since 2000. His breakout hit, "Opera no. 2" is an astounding vocal performance. Not only that, but his voice is angelic, soaring with ease and grace past the limits of most normal musicians. He also designs his own costumes (Which are many and varied, ranging from glittering suits to gilded armor.)

      He has performed many concerts in Russia and China, as well as the United States and Canada (in 2005), Israel, Romania, and Taiwan. He stars in the newest Chinese adaption of "Mulan", and also sings the theme to the movie, "Beneath the Glory".

      It would be so amazing to see him featured on Ellen! Thank you for your consideration.

      THANK YOU so much simmy i love you <3

      Edited at 2010-02-07 07:58 pm (UTC)
  • I'm sleepy

    give me a song title and I'll put in my vote
  • I would but I think my not being American makes it a no-go :( I MEAN, REALLY, ELLEN, BRITISH PEOPLE LIKE YOUR CRAZY CHATSHOW TOO.
    • yeah :( freaking usa address needed thing. Well you could send an email if you are so inclined! but I appreciate the thought <3

      ikr i love Ellen. sucks that it's always on while I'm at work D:
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