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Now beneath the glory

View all Rochester, MI (48309) events on Eventful

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Vitas - and ME.

Demand Vitas in Rochester, MI (48309)!
Vitas in Rochester, MI (48309) - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all Rochester, MI (48309) events on Eventful
  • Green Bay is like 30 minutes away! I'm so for this!
  • *eyeballs the banner* How does it know where I live? o.o *Hides her IP address from prying eyes*

    Either way...*Demands!!*
  • I missed this when you first posted it. Can this be embedded elsewhere so we can spread it? I don't want to make a different one and have it broken up....can't we copy it about linked to this?
    • Yeah the embed code is here if you want to post it other places.

      if that doesn't work, just click "Demand It" and follow the instructions, it'll take you to a screen where you can copy the code.
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