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Now beneath the glory



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Vitas - and ME.
okay I know i just updated my Vitas FAQ but listen up y'all, cause what I have to say is important

THANK YOU, to all of you who have either friended me to learn more about Vitas, or who put up with my incessant posts about him day after day
It seriously makes me so happy whenever someone looks at my .gifs and asks who he is because they find him attractive or interesting or just plain awesome. I love when I can help someone be a fan of this amazing performer who has...okay i know it's hella cliche, but he has changed my life.

Even if you only like him for the lulz, still. you listen, maybe you tell someone "hey check out this crazy guy" and they get hooked. It is, after all, how I got started.

So I just wanted to say thanks, because every new person who is interested in him is another major step forward in getting a Vitas concert near me, to get the chance to see him live and to enjoy other people's happiness when they get to see him live as well. And it means the world to me, to know that maybe he can change someone else's life too. Maybe I can help Vitas, even if I can't meet him or see his concerts (yet). It's not about the money he gets and it's only marginally about the fame.

It's the hope that someone out there is in need of his music like I was.

<3 so thank you guys.
я тебя благодарю
и Витас тоже

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