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Now beneath the glory

Vitas FAQ

Vitas FAQ

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Vitas - and ME.
The Not-So-Official Vitas F.A.Q
So you've been introduced to Vitas. Here are some things you need to know

Who is Vitas?

Childhood & Family
Vitas (real name Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachyev) was born in Latvia on February 19, 1979 (Regardless of what Wiki says). When he was little his family moved to Odessa, Ukraine, and he was raised there. Both his mother (Liliya Mikhailovna) and his grandfather (Arkaidy Davidovich) were big influences in his life. His mother died (i believe) in 2002 and he was heartbroken and dedicated his next two CDs to her ("Mama" and "The Songs of my Mother") as well as the individual songs "Mama" and "Opernaya"

There are pictures from Vitas' childhood of him playing at a piano, and his grandfather has said he liked to climb trees and swim. Vitas has said in an interview that he almost drowned after diving into too-shallow water and hitting his head.

Vitas duets with his grandpa on the song "
Friendship." When Vitas' grandpa can't travel with him, Vitas performs his grandpa's verses while wearing similar glasses and affecting his voice to sound like his grandpa.

Vitas keeps his current life closely contained, and does not do many interviews. We respect his right to have a private life separate from his stage presence

Here is a the best interview i've read, from Wikimusic.com

The Artist
Vitas had his stupendous voice even as a young boy. He entered a singing contest in Odessa but was denied from competing because he sang in Russian and not Ukranian. His voice extends beyond a 5 octave range. Here is a good article about his singing ability.

He writes most of his own songs, some he sings are old favorites, some are by other composers but written for him. He debuted in 2000 with the single "Opera 2."

He has released 9 full length cds, 2 single recordings, and several compilation cds.

He is active on the internet. His song "Kiss as Long as Eternity" contains the lyrics "hard in reality, lets do it virtually, (on the) internet" and he has one song simply titled "Internet Mood". He has said himself that he spends time designing and enjoying his website, www.vitas.com.ru.

He also designs fashion. He has had one show of clothes he designs for women. He designs all of the costumes he wears on stage.

He is an actor, now branching out from small roles in a short film and a Russian soap opera to a full-length film, "Mulan". "Mulan" is due to be out in China on Dec. 25th 2009, and will be shown at 2010's Cannes Film Festival, which Vitas is reported to be attending. Hopefully we will get to see it in the USA as soon as humanly possible!

People close to him

Sergey Pudovkin- Vitas' producer

Andrey- Vitas' bodyguard until about 2008. They appeared to be good friends

Sasha- Vitas' new bodyguard

D.I.V.A.-- Vitas' band. Very talented artists, they accompany Vitas to all his concerts and play their own music while Vitas does costume changes
Members are:

Sasha Gruzdyev - (not bodyguard) Lead Guitarist---a fan favorite
Andrey Artyemov - Bass Guitarist, replaced Rashyt Kiyamov
Vasily Musatov - Keyboardist
Rushan Harryasov - Percussion

Nikolai Ustyuzhanin - Conductor of the Premium Concert Orchestra, which has toured with Vitas on many occasions (Most recently to China for the Sleepless Nights tour)

**this FAQ is a work in progress. Any further questions are ALWAYS welcome, please feel free to comment!**
  • Vitas FAQ

    Very nice Amy! It is great! I want the La Donna Video. NOW! LOL. Sorry, just had to do my daily whine about that. Can't wait until 9/1.

  • I wonder if he has any siblings?
    If you look at the lyrics to Pigtails (Kosichiki), it seems like he has a younger sister he's singing to about their mother's death...
    Unless of course it's a cover and he didn't write the lyrics.
    • I believe he has a half-brother. I have never heard of a sister in his family.

      As far as I know, he wrote that song, but I'm not sure. Either way it is a beautiful song and so heartfelt <3

      Nice to meet another fan :)
      • The song's one of my many favorites. =) He leads such an enigmatic life, doesn't he?

        I stumbled on your LJ whilst searching for an LJ comm about Vitas. Buck-tick has very helpful LJ comms and I was hoping Vitas would have one too. No luck though. =/

        Btw, your header/banner is very nicely photoshopped. No one would have guessed he's on his bodyguard's shoulder in the original. XD
        • There is vitas_ru but it is a little dead. vitasusa is diane, the maintainer of the USA fansite, www.vitasusa.com apart from us, there isn't really a big prescence on lj as far as communities go. We should revive them!
          • Eh... Do you mean make a new community?
            Heh, since Chinese is my mother tongue, I've been wanting to find an outlet where I can translate Yaojee's Vitas news (the most recent one is an appeal from Pudovkin asking for recommendations of Chinese pop songs Vitas can sing, along with a download of an example) for English-speaking friends.

            P.S. I added you as a friend, and if you don't mind, I hope you'll add me back =]
            • Yes I mean to make a new community. Probably will tonight when I get home from work. Would love for you to post translations, that would be amazing!!

              Oh and I've added you too. :)
  • good FAQ

    Very good FAQ, I look forward for more :) Keep up the good work :)

    I like his new song, Beneath the glory a lot. And plz, anyone could tell me who the violinist ladies are in 'Il dolce suono'?
    • Re: good FAQ

      The violinists are a duo called "Вибрация" in cyrillic, or "Vibracia" in English translation. Here's another one of their songs, based on Vivaldi's Four Seasons.
      If you like them, may I recommend the string quartet Bond? they do similar work.

      I love Beneath the Glory as well, it's so weird but nice to hear Vitas sing in English!

      Glad you liked the faq!
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