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Now beneath the glory

Vitas Meme

Vitas Meme

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Vitas - and ME.
Band's name and why you like them:


I like him for many reasons, chief amongst them being his talent. A 5+ octave range is virtually unheard of even for some opera singers, and he's got hands down the most powerful voice I've ever heard. His control and precision is amazing, his live performances sound like studio recordings to the point where people are SURE that he lipsynchs (he doesn't). He's shattered crystal in the Kremlin with his voice. He can sing unmiced and sound from the back of the theater. He soars over the break between his chest and head voice, and frequently will alter his voice to maintain the mood of a song (screaming, hoarseness, throat effects that make him sound like a guitar or robot, etc). And if his raw talent, if his technique, if his power isn't enough, he has the ability to bring people to tears with his musicality. He literally puts every ounce of himself into his music, composing, writing lyrics, costuming, and the singing--he gives his all to portray a certain experience, to the extent that other artists just don't do. Seeing him in concert, even on video, is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears--not only is he handsome, but he puts on a visual circus, and he's a performer, always dancing or moving, engaging the audience with his magnetism. He frequently stops moving in the middle of songs to smile or pull face or pose at someone holding a camera. He dances spectacularly awful, but so enticingly that you are caught up not in his dancing skills, but the emotion, the wild happiness that he puts into his motions. All he has to do is smile, and people cheer for him.

and as if THAT wasn't enough, his music is amazing. You can be a great performer, a talented musician, but if you don't have the right medium to express yourself, it's like a sculptor with a paintbrush. Vitas composes most of his own music and lyrics, collaberates with some people, and sings some works that have been written for him and also some traditional songs that he always leaves his mark on. But I've not found an artist since, who's work i love with such devotion. and who's work is DESERVING of it. He encompasses so many different styles, so there's something for every listener, whether you love all his pieces or just one.

Who is your favorite member, and why do you like him/her?
I'm going to take this question and apply it to Vitas' band, D.I.V.A.
my favorite members of D.I.V.A are Vasily, on keyboard, and Sasha, on Electric Guitar. Sasha is an AMAZING guitarist and his talents, i'm afraid to say, aren't totally expressed by Vitas' songs. But that's because the focus of Vitas' music is his voice, not Sasha. At the concerts, while Vitas has his costume changes, the band will play some of their works in intermission, and they are amazing--

and I love Vasily because he is amazingly dexterous on his keyboard, and he just seems like an awesome guy (glasses!)

Favorite Album?
don't make me pick just oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ugh okay fine. A Kiss as Long as Eternity

Track List

01 A Kiss As Long As Eternity
02 Where's You, There's Me
03 Don't Keep Silence So Loudly
04 Unlucky
05 Half Night, Half Day
06 Heartbeat
07 In Shorts and a T-Shirt
08 Mantra
09 Streets Of The Capital
10 I Believe In Love
11 Internet Mood

but really guys, I love every single song.

Favorite Single?
Opera 2, the acoustic version. I love the jazz piano background so HARD you guys. SO FREAKIN HARD

Post your favorite picture of the next subjects and say what you like about them:
Techno period: His weirdest i think, apart from recently. Strange, VERY tight costumes, the otherworldliness concept really explored. Mostly I loved it for his imagination.

Favorite: The Blessed Guru costume

Mama period: Vitas had just lost his mom, and she was very very dear to him. He kind of stopped with the crazy outfits and started wearing normal clothes, button-up shirts and pants, ties, a tracksuit thing, a red suit, and my favorite, a white tuxedo with ~sparkles~, used in Smile. His musical style mellowed a lot, gypsy beats replacing the techno lines, and more slow songs, sadder songs dedicated to his mother and of overcoming sadness.

favorite picture:

Return Home: Expanded on the sparkle suits theme, and his music became happier again. Still with the gypsy rhythms, songs about his country (Shores of Russia, and Hello My Dear Native Land!) as well as a newer, more operatic influence (Lucia di Lammermoor) He added one strange costume though, which is coincidentally my favorite picture of Vitas EVER:

Recent: His new tour in China has introduced some new songs. Continuing with his opera influence, there are several renditions of Italian opera (Ave Maria, La Donna e Mobile, O Sole Mio, and Nessun Dorma) We have also been promised a new CD of Vitas' compositions, to be released either this year or the beginning of next. He added some new costumes to his set, things that remind me of his breakout look, and have completely floored me in terms of how imaginative he is. But he still has kept some suits, for the songs that he wishes to have a more serious impact.

fuck you, I can pick 2 if i want.

Which are your favorite songs of the:

Techno: Guru, Heartbeat, Where You Go I Go, Half Night Half Day
Mama: Dedication, Bird of Happiness, Fortune Teller, The Kings Can Do Everything, Smile
Return Home: I Ask All Saints, Jamaica, Lucia Di Lammermoor, My Swan, Shores of Russia---look. EVERYTHING, okay.
Recent: Potemkin Staircase, Rare Bird, Birdie

Did the band have a "look" you disliked?
I didn't really like the red tracksuit. Thought it was too casual for him

Which songs do you dislike of the:
Techno period:
Starry River is a bit too lounge act for me
Return Home:
none, really. Sage is probably my least favorite
Recent: Leaves Have Flown From the Poplars is too slow for me.

I don't even really DISLIKE any of those per se. I just have to be in a certain mood to listen to them, and I don't do it a lot.

Is there a particular MV you dislike?
I don't like the Opera 1 MV because he's so blank in it. Also it's just strange.

I also don't really like the Smile MV because of the suicidal overtones and the fact that he holds the violin in the wrong hand, and even if he played it backwards, his glove would be on his fingering hand. >:[ I NOTICE THESE THINGS.

Song you're currently obsessed with?

Kalinka- A traditional Russian song that he's sung recently in China. His version is AMAZING

Do you fangirl over this band?
  • Yaaaaay! Vitas meme!

    The "dancing or movement" part made me laugh, I don't know if you'd really call what he does dancing, but it sure is adorkable. xD

    And yesssssss, Lucia outfit is my favorite of his EVER.

    Opera 1 is like a vid about worshipping Vitas, which is strange but probably what you and I will do when he comes to the US! lol

    Does Zesty fangirl over this band isn't even a valid question.
    It's more like, is Zesty ever NOT fangirling over them?
    Luckily for us, no.
    I wouldn't have her any other way! ;)

    ~~Baby <3
    • Re: Yaaaaay! Vitas meme!

      I know it's like they're worshipping him, but in the video he looks so rigid and dead inside....completely not the Vitas that you see onstage, brimming with life <3

      I think I'd rather celebrate him than worship him, if that distinction makes sense :D
      • Re: Yaaaaay! Vitas meme!

        Yeah, it's very strange-- no doubt there. Even when he tries to give that dead look on stage it doesn't have the same effect.
        I guess he's trying to match his look with the content of the song.

        It makes sense.
        In fact, I'd rather celebrate with him! ;)
        • Re: Yaaaaay! Vitas meme!

          yeah, he's definitely trying to match it. I just don't like the vid. *shrug*

          me too. Lets throw him a party when he comes here ;)
  • P.S.

    Hurray for Diva!!!
  • Vitas is my new diva. I love him. XDDDD

    I love to hear his voice. It's like a light in the darkness. A big sparkly one.
  • (no subject) -
    • <3 nothing ever gets old with him! I can hear his voice and instantly have a better day. He is my happiness <333
  • (Anonymous)

  • Vitas!

    I LOVE VITAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just had to tell someone. Recently I discovered him through youtube after doing a search for 'Nessun dorma' and 'countertenor', ok, it was weird at first to hear a male sing in such a high pitch, especially after searching for more of his songs and hearing Opera #2.
    But I think all wildly new things take some time to get used to, and a couple of days later I was back on youtube searching for more vids of this bizarre performer and now am HOOKED. HOOKED i tell you.

    I'm glad you mentioned his awful dancing, but you know what? Half my brain thinks it's quirky, the other half can't help staring transfixed by his performance anyway.

    • Re: Vitas!

      I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, and his dancing is just adorable. Thanks for commenting, I found him on youtube too froma friend that linked him to me. Its been 2 years since i firstheard his voice and I'm more hooked now than ever!

      D'you mind if I friend you? I post about him a lot and i am so happy to have met another fan!
    • Re: Vitas!

      Sure, I've friended you to. I'm not much of a LJ user (i use blogspot mainly) so i'm still learning about LJ functionality.
      • Re: Vitas!

        Great page! It's cool to see english speaking fans make stuff like this! (Plus, Vitas has been around way long than Gaga- HE WiNS!haha)
        Plus, have you ever noticed the similarites between him and David Bowie?
        Either way, great jobs!
    • Re: Vitas!

      okay i only just recently found Vitas and the first song i had heard was Opera 2 and i wass immediatley hooked.. my mom is always getting upset with me callinng it devil music but i mean to some people they think of how he sounds i see it as more how he just is! i cant believe anybody who has a real craving for music could ever possibly tell me that Vitas isnt downright amazing! he seems like really great guy i mean the only songs i ever didnt like of him were smile and opera1 because i will admit he looked a wee bit creepy..
      BUt all that aside Vitas is an amazing preformer on top of his musical extraordinaries.. I LOVE VITAS!! <3<3<3
      • Re: Vitas!

        he is super amazing to hear live and is really sweet to fans as well. I don't think I've ever loved a musician so much. I wish i knew who you were, anonymous commenter. I would friend you and you could see all the non-public entries i've made about him.

        or if you have a tumblr: www.fuckyeahvitas.tumblr.com is mine :) I always like to meet new fans.

        I will admit the videos for Smile and Opera 1 are kind of creepy but they are fantastic songs, so I don't mind the strange MV's.
        And my parents don't like him either but it doesn't stop me listening to him. XD
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