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Now beneath the glory

...let the truth be freed

Hear my Voice soaringly awake~
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I mostly post about things i obsess over (who doesn't?) which involves
2. Russia, or USA foreign policy/government issues.
4. stupid shit that i find

I post a lot of pictures and i use A LOT OF CAPSLOCK. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU'RE FREE TO GTFO

sometimes i lj-cut, espesh if i put up a giant vitasspam. Sometimes I don't. Deal.

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ace attorney, al franken, atsushi sakurai, audrey hepburn, barack obama, ben & jerry's, benny goodman, big band, bisexuality, blessed guru, blind justice, broadway musicals, buck-tick, clarinet, classical, cockdown w/ cock cockermann, countdown w/ keith olbermann, criminal minds, csi, dr. who, dreams, eddie izzard, fall out boy, franziska von karma, gackt, george gershwin, girls making out, goran bregovic, gregory peck, grissom, hilbama, hillary/barack, hisashi imai, hot fuzz, house m.d., house/cuddy, house/wilson, james bond movies, jazz, joe biden, john barrowman, johnny depp, jon bon jovi, jon stewart, kareoke, knitting, lady gaga, leonard bernstein, lesbians, lily loveless, little monsters, meat pies, michael bublé, miles edgeworth, music, musicals, naomi campbell, naomi/emily, nicholas angel, nick frost, nikolai rimsky-korsakov, not being depressed, orange bunny, other gay things, palm trees, panic! at the disco, phoenix wright, pirates of the caribbean, politics, preventing scurvy, psych, pterodactyls, rachel maddow, rent, richard 'prettymouf' wolffe, richard o'brien, rock, rocky horror picture show, russia, russian 5, russian pop, russians, saint gagalupe, saxophone, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, skins, smile, snow, some like it hot, songs of my mother, stargate sg-1, stephen colbert, stephen sondheim, straight razors, sweeney todd, tegan and sara, the rachel maddow show, the russian five, the spartan marching band, thirteen/rachel/keith, torchwood, vests, vitas, wait until dark, wicked, worst pies in london, Витас


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